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Through the Lens: Interview with Emilio Barrionuevo, the Palmero Photographer in the Spanish Candidacy for the 2024 World Cup

26/01/2024 197

In an exciting visit to the Onda Cero La Palma studios, the prominent photographer from La Palma, Emilio Barrionuevo, shared with us his thrilling journey and the emotions he has experienced upon being selected to represent Spain in the 2024 World Cup. The conversation, rich in details and anecdotes, unveiled the passion and dedication Barrionuevo has invested in his art.

During the interview, Barrionuevo shared his thoughts on the inspiration that drives his work. "Photography is a means to express emotions and capture unique moments. True inspiration comes from everyday life, from connecting with people and the environment," commented the photographer. He emphasized the importance of observing closely, finding beauty in simplicity, and conveying stories through each image.

One of the reasons Barrionuevo has been chosen for the Spanish Candidacy for the 2024 World Cup is his ability to establish a close and direct rapport with the people he portrays. Empathy and authenticity are fundamental elements in his approach, creating portraits that go beyond the surface and capture the essence of his subjects.

The 2024 World Cup provides a unique stage for Barrionuevo to share his perspective through the lens, showcasing Spain´s visual and emotional richness to the world. "It is an honor and a privilege to be part of this Candidacy. Photography has the power to bring people together, and I hope my images contribute to the global narrative of this significant event," he expressed enthusiastically.

In summary, Emilio Barrionuevo´s visit to the Onda Cero La Palma studios not only revealed the quality of his work but also inspired those seeking to understand the power of photography as a means of expression. With the 2024 World Cup on the horizon, we eagerly anticipate the visual contributions that this talented photographer from La Palma will bring to the event, representing Spain with his captivating and meaningful images.

You can watch the entire interview at the following link: Emilio Barrionuevo Interview, Onda Cero.


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